Energy Monitoring

  • Viewed online
  • Real time
  • All utilities – electricity, gas, water, steam


  • Daily, monthly, annual reports
  • Electricity, gas, water & steam bill generation
  • Benchmarking facilities
  • Monitoring and Targeting
  • Global adjustment cost control
  • Lobby dashboard displays
  • Electricity pricing
  • Energy usage threshold alarm settings


Energyintell comprehensive and timely energy reports provide management with required information to manage their facility in real time


Global Adjustment cost accounts for about 60% of the utility bill. EnergyIntell has been successful in reducing GA cost for our customers by up to 87%

Distributed Generation/Cogen 
Performance Monitoring

  • All inputs and outputs of generator/cogen are monitored every 5 minutes
  • Generator energy efficiency performance calculated
  • Hourly cost of operating cogen is calculated
  • DG/Cogen operating cost compared to grid power purchase
  • Warnings/alarms when anomalies occur


EnergyIntell simultaneous monitoring of grid pricing and generator operating cost helps to optimise operation of facility and reduce gas costs


Significantly lower utility bills

Environmental Sensor Monitoring

  • Optimize environmental footprint 
  • Humidity 
  • Temperature 
  • Greenhouse gases 
  • Noxious and toxic gases 
  • Particulate matter 
  • Threshold alarms


Provide optimum air quality and reduce greenhouse gases